Sunday, April 13, 2008

Left over salsa!!

The other night I had a baby shower to go to and was asked to bring salsa and being a Dietitian this was an ironic thing to ask me to bring so I decided to do a healthier alternative to the traditional yummy late night snack.

One of my great friends who also loves being in the kitchen and modifying every recipe she has ever seen gave me her black bean and corn salsa recipe. Once finding out the ingredients I too put them together and prayed that it would taste good. She also gave me a great idea that she does instead of buying chips; she makes her own with tortillas. Here are the recipes (with out any measurements)


1 can black beans
1 med tomato (could have used more)
1 cup of corn (frozen or 1 can of corn)
JalapeƱo peppers (1-2 depending on how HOT you want it)
Chili powder
Cumin powder
Cilantro ( I didn't add...but felt like although you only use a little bit it adds a lot of favor!)

Combine all ingredients together and refrigerate before serving

Tortilla Chips

Whole wheat tortilla's
BBQ sauce
Oil (olive or canola...just a little bit)
Crushed garlic
sesame seeds

Combine BBQ sauce, oil, garlic and seeds. Brush over tortilla chips. Cut chips into 8's like a pizza (I use scissors or a pizza cutter works great to). Place on baking sheet and bake in 300 oven for 7-10 minutes. Let cool then place in air tight bag ( I usually just use the tortilla bag they come in).

This recipe made a lot of what to do with the left overs??

Usually on Sunday nights we don't make a big supper because we eat a later lunch, so tonight since my husbands favorite hockey team is playing I decided to make him a treat for the game. I took some hamburger and fried it up with onions. After draining the fat off of it I added the left over black bean salsa, taco seasoning and a bit of salsa. Well that was simmering on the stove I baked real tortilla chips (Old Dutch, Multi grain is our favorite). Once it was done simmering I topped the baked chips with the mixture and graded mozzarella and cheddar cheese then baked at 300 for 5 minutes!!

This was very filling and tasted delicious!!! Nachos can be part of a health diet and are fun to have as a supper treat. You can add lots of different toppings such as chicken, beef, refried beans, peppers, tomatoes, and onions to your nachos.

Let me hear some of your nacho combos!!!

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Minimalist Mommy said...

That looks yummy even after stuffing myself sick with spaghetti and cake....should not tell you that. I am a regular at Headstart yard sale by the YMCA. You have to go often but I have found the most amazing stuff.

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