Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reusable Fun

No these aren't mayo letters frying on the grill....although for a Hellmanns lover (like myself) that could be...wait a minute what am I thinking! hehe..

These are letter pancakes. I got the brilliant idea when I saw my brother in law do these for his kids. Although he is talented enough to pour the batter onto the grill into shapes and letters; I knew that I would need some help. So I dug through my, never through away container, cupboard and found this Hellmanns squeeze bottle. It was prefect! I simply poured the batter into the bottle then used it to make my shapes on the hot grill. This is a prefect way to let the kids help in the kitchen and could even get them eating pancakes, if they are picky eaters, and don't like pancakes. It has been shown that picky eaters will eat more when they have helped prepare the meal.

So what are some fun ways you get your kids cookin in the kitchen??
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