Thursday, January 15, 2009

A great deal Bday party

I am so glad that Micah's birthday is just weeks after Christmas. This has been so wonderful for getting great deals on party stuff. This year I really cleaned up on some Christmas party mark downs for his birthday.

His favorite color is green so I started out by picking up these plastic cups (which are heavy enough to wash and reuse) and plastic cutlery for a little over a buck each. There were 100 cups and 70 plus utensils.

The plates, napkins (in the basket) and table cloth I picked up the day of the party marked down for dirt cheap. They all had a bit of green in them and it made the table look wonderful for his birthday party.

I love using my canning jars to hold things. Since the cutlery was green these kind of looked like little Chia pets on the table.

If you have the storage; after the holidays is such a great way to pick things up for next year or even putting colors together for birthday parties. I did a lot of after Christmas shopping this year stocking up for next year. The new LED lights were marked down for sooo cheap!! Next year we will be having lights outside the house!! Yippee!!

For more frugal ideas head on over to Biblical Womanhood.

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BarbaraLee said...

When I was strolling down I thought your had plants in them. Green onions came to mind.

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