Friday, February 6, 2009

Paperless cooking

I am sure like me many of you have stacks upon stacks of cook books, recipe cards and lose pieces of paper stuffed in every cook book with recipes you got from friends scattered all over the kitchen.

During the Christmas season when I was taking things down to be replaced with my Christmas decorations I decided that it was time for some of my cook books to go and for some of them to be packed up to be stored down stairs. I decided to do this because the internet has such an abundance of recipes on it and whenever you are in a pickle and need recipe Google has TONS ready for you in seconds.

There are many sites that I love to go to get a recipe as I find the reviews are good. When I find a recipe that I enjoy I usually go to the print this recipe or printer friendly version; once there I copy the recipe and paste it into my google docs. Google docs is one way I keep my kitchen paperless. I love how all my recipes are stored there and they have a search tool so I can find all my recipes in a jiffy!!

Here are some great sites and great recipes

Taste of Home: Has delicious recipes and usually a picture to go with each recipe. I always like seeing what the product will turn out like. Also they have lots of different categories of cooking that you can search through. They have a membership as well that allows you to create your own recipe box there. I like this site because their recipes don't call for wacky ingredients that I usually don't have stocked in the cupboards.

All recipes I love this site because of the pictures and the reviews. The reviews always help make the recipe better as you can learn what not to do or what to add to make the recipe better. Also there are usually many different recipes for the one thing you are trying to make. I think there are at least 10 recipes for baked oatmeal. The search bar is great for when you are looking for a specific recipe.

This is a delicious muffin recipe, found at all recipes, that my friend made for us a couple of weekends ago when she was here.

Other sites that I use to search for recipes or supper inspirations

Tammy's recipes
$5 dinners
Dairy goodness
365 crock potting

If you have other recipe sites that you use please let me know so I can add them to my list!! Also for more frugal ideas head on over to Biblical Womanhood.


Mom2fur said...

I love Taste of Home and Allrecipes, and I have Tammy's site linked on my sidebar. Another site you might enjoy is It's one of those places where you plug in ingredients and they give you back recipes.

BarbaraLee said...

What is nice about these sites is you can also have a cookbook in those sites.

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