Thursday, August 27, 2009

DIY nursery art

Its been a busy day but I am finally getting around to my frugal tip for today. This is a great baby shower gift that turned out wonderful!

They are nursery wall art!! Heres what I did

1.Print off some great coloring pages from the internet; it easiest if you print them off onto card stock.
2. Pick out a nice back ground paper. The colors in this paper matched the colors of the nursery. I measured just right and one 12 x 12 page was enough to cover all three mini canvas.
3. Cut the paper and modge podge it onto the canvas.
4. Once dry Modge Podge the coloring pages onto the paper
5. Using a hot glue gun you can add ribbon on the back to make hanging easy!

They were simple to make and the recipient loved them! Here they are hanging in the nursery

For more frugal ideas head over here

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