Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Caramel Apples

So last weekend we celebrated our 2 year anniversary of living here in the bestest court!!!! So to celebrate we wanted to give each neighbor a gift and with the 24 lbs of apples we picked up this is what I came up with.


 I got this recipe from my friend Niki who made over 100 of these for wedding favors...she is one brave women. I wasn't that courageous to attempt that many my first time so I just did a little over a dozen.
They were a labor of love that is for sure. So here is the "recipe". You take caramel candy (peel them) and melt them down. I melted them in a coffee can or apple juice can in a double boiler and to make it creamier you add a little bit of coffee cream. Now don't add too much cream cause it will make the apples too sticky...trust me I had it every where!!!! Once they are dipped you place the apples on a cookie sheet lined with PARCHMENT paper NOT WAX paper...please every one repeat after me...NOT WAX PAPER. It will make an absolute mess. Now your job is done for the day just leave the apples in the fridge. The next day you want to dip them in the chocolate so place apples in the freezer for ~1 hour (try not to leave them too long it makes the apples turn funny). Then you melt down some chocolate, I used chocolate chips, but use whatever you usually do and dip your cold apples in the chocolate. Once they are dipped top with score bits, peanuts, chopped nuts, candy sprinkles pretty much anything you can find in the house.

Tie some nice ribbon around them and ta-da they look great and taste even better!!

To give away as gifts we wrapped them up in gift wrap but be sure to put parchment paper under the apples.
We have lots of peach baskets so I put the apples in them and delivered them to all our special neighbors! I will be braving the caramel eliminates again this week as I prepare some of these for our family for Thanksgiving!!

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Geniève said...

Drooling..... I need to try that :)

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