Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dino gift

This is a gift I created last week for one of Eben's little friends birthday party. His mom who is an awesome party planner had a total Dino-mite party for her 5 year old little boy. The decorations looked great and the games included a dino egg hunt where the kids (and some crazy mama's) ran through the house looking for hidden eggs that were filled with lots of candy.

For the cake she did a great job of putting together a green dino with brown spots (mini pepper mint patties) and his "spikes" where Hersey kisses. It kind of looked like this picture

So of course for a rocking Dino- mite party like that I knew I needed to make him a gift using the theme. My idea came from puzzle time with Eben. Usually everyday he likes to sit down and do a puzzle and of course his dinosaur one is a favorite. While he was doing it I got out the camera got close to some of the Dino's in the puzzle and took some pictures. Than I printed them off (in larger sizes 5*7 and 6*8) and modge podged them onto canvas. When they were finished I hot glued some string on the back so they could be put up in the little guys room!

It was a fast and simple gift that made him very happy!

For more crafty ideas check out I love nap time.

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