Monday, April 25, 2011

Head bands

Happy Resurrection weekend!! We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating God's love for us. We are so thankful God loved us so much that He sent Jesus just for us. Now I am sure in many homes Easter Sunday is a special dress up day. As a little girl it meant a new dress and hat. Luckily hats went out of style (well at least in this house) but its still fun to dress up on Easter and of course Nannie bought Lady J her first fancy Easter dress. Since both her and I had black and white dresses I decided to make us matching head bands to go with them.

So here they are

Luckily I had the stuff around the house to make these. I did use this for the inspiration though. I started out with two bra straps! Yes that's right these were straps that were on a strapless bra that I don't wear any more. I cut them to get the clips off of them and sewed them together to fit around our heads. Next I used a old white belt I had to make the flower and the center is a black button I had in my scrapbook stash. I also thought it would look cool to add a piece of tool under it.

So there you have it Mother daughter matching head bands. For more cool craft projects check out I love Nap time.


The Finlays said...

So cute Katie! mother and daughter matching anything is always cute! you wear the head band well ;)

Treasures Evermore said...

What a great very cute.

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