Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family Mission Statment

So first let me start off by showing you a picture of last nights supper since I managed to get one during the cooking process....don't all the colors of those veggie look great! 

And another picture of the finished product.  This was just what I was craving.  I thought the flavour was delicious and the veggies still had a crunch to them! 

So now onto something really cool about the fast.  The fast isn't just about eating healthy and depriving ourselves of foods we enjoy but we are fasting with purpose.  We really want to see God heal two of our friends who are young and suffering from Cancer so we are thinking about them and their families throughout the month but something else we are focusing on is a family mission statement.  

I had found this blog post many years back and copied it into our google docs but with each year we seem to get busy and don't get around to filling out the questions and putting together a mission statement.   Then I have seen some of my other friends posting their family statements and thought that is awesome and as the kids get older we want to move in the same direction as a family so this year we will complete our statement by the end of this fast. 

I was able to find the original blog I found years back with all the same information on it to share with you readers.   The Blog is called Simple Mom and the post is here.  I have copied a few of the main points for you to read but I would encourage you to head over to her blog and check it out.

I love one of her reasons why each family should have a mission statement.

"All the canning, ironing, and meal planning in the world will matter a hill of beans if they’re done out of obligation, or accomplished aimlessly out of not knowing what to do next."

So here is how we are starting our family statement.  We are taking time in the next week to answer these questions.   

Plan an evening this week to sit down over tea as a couple, and answer a few questions. These questions are not comprehensive — feel free to elaborate on your own, to skip some that don’t seem to apply, and to focus on what’s important for your family. Mostly, these are meant to serve as a springboard to get your thoughts flowing.

1. What are a few strengths of each member of our family?
2. Collectively, we are at our best when we are…
3. Collectively, we are at our worst when we are…
4. If we had a completely free day together as a family, how would we spend it?
5. What are practical ways we can serve each other?
6. What are practical ways we can serve others outside our family?
7. Name three things you think you could do better as a family.
8. What would people say today about our family as a whole?
9. What would we like people to say about our family as a whole in 30 years?
10. If our home could be filled with one emotion, what would it be?
11. Name three adjectives we would like people to use to describe our home environment.
12. If we could name one principle from which we want our family to operate, what would it be?
13. What are the top four priorities we want our family to value?
14. What is the main purpose of our home?
15. What is the secondary purpose of our home?
16. What is the individual purpose in life of each member of our family?
17. What is one way we are unique as a family?
18. Describe the status of our family in 10 years…
  • financially:
  • intellectually:
  • emotionally:
  • relationally with each other:
  • communally in our environment:
  • physically:
  • spiritually:
19. Where are you as a family in 10 years? What does your home look like?
20. What is the purpose of life?

So for this week and probably some of next week that is what we will be working on.  I will post more as to how we put it all together to have our own statement but if you want to know more about that right now.  Head over to her blog where she gives all the details. 

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minimalistmommy said...

That is so neat Katie, I am going to fill one out for our family. We desperately need to refocus and this is a great way to start. Miss ya:)

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