Friday, January 27, 2012

Pinterest Projects

Hi readers today I want to show you some of my recent pinterest projects.  These are project that I saw on pinterest and then created my own version.  

First I think many of you have seen the play kitchen that my parents and us (Micah and I) made for Jaelyn for Christmas.   Here is the original pin I got the idea from.   This little kitchen has created hours of entertainment for the two kids and even their friends who come over love to play with it as well. 

I knew from the first time I saw this pin that I would be making it for my husbands 30th birthday that just passed.  Eben and I had lots of fun picking out all the different suckers and it made a great center piece for his birthday.

Here is my frist attempt to making potato chips in the microwave since we were Daniel fasting I figured we could still have potatoes, olive oil and salt. My second attempt was much better but of course I didn't get a picture to show you.   

Now if you know me you know I LOVE LOVE day!!!   Here are a few post of previous valentines days in our house.  This year we have lots of valentines crafts to do and create.  Yesterday I made this picture...well I didn't really do anything besides put this printable in a pretty frame...oh and I inked the edges red to make it stand out. 

And last night while hubby was out I created this easy project.   It was pretty cool that I had the same vase they used the only thing different about mine is my little light is red instead of white.  But I did pick it up at the dollar store which is sweet that this easy project only cost me $1.00. 

These are my no heat curls that I love to do at least once a week.  Usually on a day that I am not going out of the house.  I call them my house work curls.  They help me get my house work done faster.  There is something about feeling good that makes house work that much funner! 

So that is what I have been busy doing in all my mommy spare time! hehehe.   I have a few more projects on the go that I will post about when I get them done.  

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Mrs. Stam said...

I LOVE the play kitchen soooo much :-) I should try to make one too, our girls would LOVE it!

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