Friday, April 13, 2012

Lego fun

This little boy loves lego.  He spends hours creating all sorts of creations and then making stories with them.  It has been such a joy to see him be so creative.  And what a blessing it was to be able to get him all this lego for Christmas off of Kijiji for only $25.  

For our school time this week I decided to write out the numbers 1-10 on recipe cards.  Then I told Eben that he was to count out the number on each card but the lego had to match the color on the card as well.  I think orginally I was thinking that he would just count out the lego and place all the piece on the card.  I should have know he is more creative then that. 

By number 3 he was making creations. 

He loved this little game.  Next time we are going to try numbers 11-20.  I will use two different colors to make those numbers so he can use two different colors to make even bigger creations. 

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