Thursday, October 25, 2012

Turkey pumpkins

I know Thanks giving here in Canada has come and gone already but I still want to share a really cute project that we did.  My awesome cousin sent me this link and asked if it would be a project we would like to get together and do with the kids (since we are both homeschooling).   Right away I said yes because I LOVED them.  Each year for our Peterson thanksgiving meal Micah's aunt does this to a pumpkin with a set that she purchased at a Farmers market so when I say that we could make our own this year for our Thanksgiving center piece I was all for it. 


We (3 homeschoolin mamas) met early one Monday morning to start our craft project.  We had 4 school age kids, 3 little ones and 1 baby.  It was a little crazy but VERY FUN. 

The project it self was pretty cheap. All you need is a large pumpkin (orange or white) and 7 wooden spoons.  We bought packs of wood spoons at the dollar store so 2 packs/pumpkin I think. 

We started off by painting up the wooden spoons.  We painted 6 bright colors for the tail feathers and 1 brown for the turkey body.  When we finished painting them we laid them outside on my cooling racks to dry in the sun. 

As you can see from this picture we let the little ones paint mini pumpkins!  

The next step was to make the turkey faces; for this part all the kids (especially the boys) were ready to head outside.   I can't believe I didn't get any pictures but for the turkey neck we used red felt and free handed it.  Also for the beak I just cut triangles out of yellow felt.  Then using the hot glue gun I put two googly eyes, a beak and a neck on each brown spoon. 

Then came the fun stage using the electric drill.  I thought I would test it out first before I gave everyone  a turn. So I marked with a marker where I would drill the holes then drilled away. 

Everyone got to have a turn with the drill.  Here I am with batman who often does school with me! hehe

When the holes were all done we pushed the spoons in.  And Ta-da our beautiful pumpkin turkey. 

Everyones was a little different since they all painted their spoons different colors.

On of the moms has her 2 little ones pumpkins placed in their entry way.  Its such a cute way to add color and theme to our fall decorations. 

We used ours at the end of our Thanksgiving buffet line!  

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Mama S said...

what a neat craft :-) I do have Princesses and Pirates joining me in my homeschooling :-) One of the many perks of being able to home educate :-)!!!

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