Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 of 2012

As I sit and look back through our year I thought it would be cool to post my top 12 blog post for 2012.  It was a new year with us moving to a new city and being closer to family. We welcomed a new blessing into our family and we ventured out across the world to participant in our friends wedding.  It was a year with many first and news for us.  We sit back today with thanksgiving for a great year and with anticipation of what the Father has next for us in this new year.

Here is a collection of your favorite and my favorite blog post for 2012.

1.  The Daniel Fast:

We try to start the year off by somewhat of a detox.  Each year we have tried to limit processed foods, junk food and rich foods during the month of January.  This year I have lots of new recipes which you can find on my pintrest board.

2. Red lentil Soup

Many readers have enjoyed this recipe and as been a big hit on the blog.  I didn't realize there were so many people wanting to take part in the Daniel fast with us :)

I saw how to do these no heat curls on pinterest and gave them a try and to my surprise it worked!!  I love trying new things with my hair my next step is to learn to use curlers and do a nice fish tail! 

My first blog post that was featured on one of my favorite blogs I heart nap time!! 

February was a fun month for us as we did so many different LOVE activities as we learned about sharing God's love with others. We ended our "love" month with a special meal at our "special" restaurant. 

A very fun activity to do with the kids before seeing the movie. 

These were a hit with the kids and we used them to decorate our flower gardens, deck and we used them as paper weights for Eben's monster bash!

This was a mothers day special that Micah did for me, his mom and my sister in law.  I love this post because Micah saw it pinned on my pinterest and then surprised me with it!  That is when I fell even more in LOVE with pinterest.  My husband was following only me on there and new all the things that I was pinning. Husbands pinterest is the key to knowing your wife :) 

 50 days of summer fun was so awesome.  I printed these chart out and had it hung over the kitchen table.  Every day (at least it seemed that way) we talked about all the things we had done and the things we were still planning on doing.   We enjoyed everything from making Oreo popsicles to M&M on toast day.

10.  Homeschooling 

This was a BIG decision that we are enjoying so much!!!  We are having lots of fun playing games and learning creativity.

During the end of the year I began to find it more helpful to plan meals for the month instead of just the week.  Lots of readers have been using the recipes as well and enjoying them :) 

I wrote this post over on our family blog but I just love it so much that it had to go on my top 12 because its how I feel about my home and our family it is my mission which all my fun and creativity flows out of!

Thanks for being faithful readers and encouraging me by writing comments and personal messages.  I love hearing from each of you.  I love when you do crafts I have posted, tried an activity or enjoyed (or didn't enjoy) a recipe. 

Have a happy new year my friends. 

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Crystal said...

You forgot to mention meeting me in your top 12. I believe you forgot to dedicate a blog post to me as well. ;o)

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