Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snowman fun

We are still keeping with our snowman theme for the month of January.  The only problem here as been thats its very,very, very cold outside and no snow!  That makes it hard for going outside to a build snowman so we decided to build a big one on our stand up freezer. 


For the eyes and buttons I used a circle punch.  The carrot nose is a funny shaped triangle cut from a piece of orange paper.  And the scarf is a 12 x 12 cut into 3 strips of 4 inches thick. 

We have also enjoyed snowman suppers made out of pancakes.    The eyes and smile are chocolate chips, the buttons are pomegranate seeds, the scarf is a strip of bacon and the "snow" is plain yogurt.  The kids really thought these were a fun idea.  

In school we have been playing roll a snowman which the kids really love.  I got the idea from this and I used this template to cut the pieces out of cardstock.  I did just use a single hole punch for the eyes,  cut a crocked triangle for the nose,  used 3 matching buttons, paper sticks for the arms and I drew the boots.  So really I just used the template for the snowman body. heheh

Since we do a lot of cookie sheet activities I decided to make the snowman pieces magnetic so they would stick on the cookie sheet.  I love using magnetic photo paper.  I simply cut little squares and place them onto whatever I want to stick onto the cookie sheet.  For the black eyes I put the paper right on the photo sheets and then used the hole punch.  But all the other pieces just got 1-2 little squares of magnetic paper.  

To play Roll a snowman we put all the pieces onto the cookie sheet.  In order to start your snowman you need to roll a 1.  After you roll the one you continue to roll the dice and add the pieces until you have completed your snowman.   If you wanted to it to take longer you can change the rules so you only can put on 1 arm, boot or button at a time. 

Another fun activity the kids did was paint these wooden snowmen.  I think I purchased them a few years ago on clearance but its only been this year that they are "into" painting so I got them out and let them paint away. 

I love the thinking that two brushes will make it go faster.

When they were finished painting I glued on the eyes for them.

Lady J did all the white herself but I helped only a little bit with the red and orange. 

Eben's job was to do it all by himself.  He did a great job not mixing up the colors to much. 

Now we have 2 more snowman to add to to our snowman decor!

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Ashley Lynn O'Brien said...

I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to enjoy things like this. He's only 9 and a half months right now, but you are giving me some great ideas when the time comes. You are so creative! I love the freezer and the snowman supper the best! How fun!


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