Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Boxes


This morning when the family sat down for breakfast there was our serving tray in the middle of the table with 5 heart patterned boxes, strips of paper and pens.  We explained to the kids that today and tomorrow we want them to think about things that we love about each other then we are going to write them down (secretly) and fill up each others boxes.  Tomorrow night when we do our little restaurant each person will get to open their boxes and read all the love notes they have received. 

I first got the idea from the blog inspired by family, she used mason jars and keeps them out for the 1st 14 days of February.  But since our kids are still so small and we need to help them I thought 1 day would be enough for them right now.  I used small boxes purchased at the dollar store and wrote everyones name in the inside of the box.  I did decorate the boxes with circles stamped with different LOVE stamps. 

There are LOTS of things that we love about each other but after talking this morning we want to encourage them in their characteristics that they are learning and that they are applying in their life.  Things like "I love how teachable you are", "I love how much you love to serve others" and "I love how hard working you are". 

I can't wait to open this up tomorrow night and see what everyone came up with.  What kind of special traditions do you do? 

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Lisa Grace said...

This is absolutely DARLING!

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