Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Day Restaurant

We started off our LOVE day celebrations by baking a batch of these delicious brownies together.  Even though it takes a little extra patience and time when cooking with kids I do love it.  And of course they love "helping" with the clean up. 

I got a new brownie pan for Christmas that makes 12 individual brownies that I tried.  It worked great.  I do have a new love for parchment paper so I did cute out little squares to fit into each hole so the clean would be easier.   You could probably spray it with pam or something like that but I didn't have any.

While Abraham was napping Jaelyn helped me get out the supplies for making up our restaurant sign and the menu.  I love using these plastic dollar store picture frames for this kind of stuff and for my most trusted recipe holder.  

 We started the restaurant tradition last year as we tried to make valentines a special day not just for daddy and mommy but the whole family.  This year the kids where excited about getting dressed up for our romantic supper together.

Eben's job is to set the table and he did a great job making sure our names went were we all sit.  He loves playing Sonic the video game and that is where all our names came from. 

When daddy got home we welcomed him into our restaurant. 

Trying to get a family photo is always a challenge with 3 small ones.  We couldn't get them to all look in the same direction or smile at the same time....but we discovered that cheering for brownies did the trick.  Good thing we took the picture before we ate the delicious warm brownies with melted ice cream, chocolate sauce, score pieces and M&M's.  I guess I was enjoying my dessert too much to take any pictures of those! 

The best part of our night was opening up our love boxes from each other.  I loved seeing Eben so happy to show us what he wrote about us! 


Daree Johnson said...

Love this post. Such a sweet idea :)

Mama S said...

Looks like you had a great day


A to Zebra Celebrations said...

I love parties!!! I hope you stop by to share your ideas on my blog every Tuesday :) Nancy

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