Friday, June 6, 2014


We've been using iPads to teach our kids for a couple years now.  We'd like to pass on what we've learned to save you some time and money!

  1. Before you unleash technology on your kids, make sure you restrict apps that have access to the Internet.  Check out our other nerdy blog on how to protect your home from the dangers of the Internet!
  2. Apple iPads are the best for safety, ease of use, great apps, you get the apps first, and free app of the week.
  3. Get the big iPad, not the iPad Mini!  You are going to use it to watch movies and the babes need all kins of space to touch everything.  We recommend getting the bigger 64GB model because you run out of space fast and that can be very frustrating.  It's worth the investment!  We also recommend for protection, the m-edge supershell bumper case (not sure if they have one for the iPad Air) and the zagg invisibleshield for the screen cover.
  4. Don't let your kids run to the iPad first thing in the morning, it sets a bad tone for the day.  Schedule your kids to have different times that fit them (the other kids are napping maybe) so that everyone is not always fighting over it.

And finally, here is a list of great apps that our kids use to learn and have fun doing it!



General Learning


JP Chess HD
Lean Chess

Daisy the Dino
Light-bot hour

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Sophie said...

Thanks so much for the links Katie! Great resource! Was looking to get some apps to help Linc over the summer!

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