Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stuffed Mini Peppers

Trim Healthy Mama has really changed the way I plan meals in our home.  I am thankful for this time I have had to stop and think about the proteins we are choosing and planning meals around those instead of which carb- rice, pasta or potato will we choose.  

I seen this idea for mini pepper nachos on pinterest and knew I wanted to try them.  I was excited last week when these were on sale at Walmart.  I picked up 2 bags of them to try out the nachos.  

Earlier that week I had made a roast beef so I had that left over and decided to make a different version of the nachos and try something like a philly steak stuffed pepper.  So that is what I did. 

Start by cutting your peppers in half and remove the seeds and steam. 

Fill the mini pepper cups with mozzarella cheese.  This help the meat to stick better. 

I shredded the roast beef and fried it up with finely chopped mushrooms and onions.  You can add your favorite BBQ sauce as well. 

Fill the mini peppers with your steak filling and top with more cheese.  Bake on a lined cookie sheet at 350 for 20-30 minutes and enjoy! 

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