Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bandana Bibs by Arrows & Rubies

So today I am taking a little break from Christmas post to do a little product review for my friends at Arrows & Rubies.  These two mamas are great friends of mine and they have started to make a product that I have come to love.  

Now let me take you back 8 years ago when our first "baby" was born.  I was determined not to be a mama who had kids in bibs.  I just found them not so stylish and what was the point of covering up his cute outfits with a bib.  The years have gone by and as I was going through this past pregnancy my friends where styling their babies in these bibs which look really cute on a boy or a girl.    After hearing them rant and rave about these bibs I started to think are they really worth it? 

I was excited to find out after receiving 3 beautiful bibs from them at my baby shower!!  

For this very young age the bib is a little big on them but that can be a good thing as it almost covers them completely saving an entire outfit if you have a baby who spits up.  Zeke doesn't spit up often but after treating myself to some Mexican food his little system didn't really like it that much and he was spitting up more then usual the other day.  I had to go out to an event so I put him in his seat then put the bib over top of him- I didn't want him to mess up his cute outfit :)  But you know what? The bib did the trick  and here is why I love them, will promote them and sport them!! 

1. They are stylish and have lots of designs to match any outfit or holiday.   
2. No spit up on outfit. 
3. When the bib gets smelly or gross you toss it in the wash and put on another one.  It is less hassle then having to change the baby.  
4. Spit up can stain clothing and these bibs are helpful for saving an outfit. 
5. They are water proof on the back so nothing leaks through them.  
6. They are great for babies and toddlers :) 

So if you have a baby or toddler in the house or you are shopping for one you should definitely head on over to Arrows & Rubies to order some of these sweet bibs :) 

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