Friday, November 2, 2007

Trying new things

As some of you may know from reading our other blog ( Micah and I made a special birthday crown roast for our friend Weiwei's birthday. As you can tell from the picture there is a lot of pork on this thing and since there was only 5 of us for dinner I had to get creative as to what I was going to do with all the left over pork. Micah did an excellent job making some pork gravy so I decided to through everything together and make a pork pot pie.

I started out by cooking up some potatoes and carrots. As they were cooking I chopped up the pork into bit size pieces. When the vegetables were done cooking I put them into a casserole dish and added some frozen vegetables, the pork and of course my husbands very delicious gravy. When it was almost supper time I put the casserole into the oven (without the crust) after about 20-30 minutes (or when the inside stuff was hot) I added Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough to the top and baked until the top was done.

This was such a quick and easy way to use up left over meats. You could make your own pie crust and put a bottom crust on if you wanted. I think this will be a great recipe for all the left over turkey from Christmas dinner, especially since there will be left over gravy ...well I hope there will be.

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Stam House said...

It looks great Kate!!!!

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