Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Ideas for your family

Happy LOVE day!!!

  Seriously I love LOVE day.  I really love loving on my friends and family, oh and indulging in delicious treats.

Most people think Valentines day is just a consumer holiday but you know what it didn't start out that way!    This book is a great way to start your love day off :)

A few years ago I created this LOVE day advent book where we found verses to read every day about what LOVE is.   Oh how amazing it is to know how much the Father LOVES us. 

I have written so many blog post on our LOVE day traditions and decorations I thought today would be a prefect day to put them all together and share with you the fun things you and your family can do today.

Lets start with some decorations for around the house

Pom-Poms are one of my favourite ways to add pops of colour to our house!  

This Heart Garland is a fun and cute decoration to have around the house.  I think we made it 5 years ago and it still comes out every valentines day! 

Using scrabble titles are a great way to leave little love messages around the house :) 

I love this bling LOVE sign that I purchased from the dollar store a few years ago.  These xo blocks were made with some scrap wood I have from another project! 

Filling your picture frames with holiday art adds some festive fun around the house. 

Change up those chalk boards with a verse or a quote about LOVE. 

Celebrating Love 

I have come to realize that I really enjoy Parties.  I love hosting parties and being at parties.  One thing I have loved to do is have a valentines party with my girl friends.  I believe this is now called a galentines ;) 

To host this party I always try to decorate the place with lots of love decorations like these sweet LOVE Bird cups.   

When the invite goes out for the party I ask all guest to bring a snack that is white, pink, red or brown :)  It is very fun to see all the creativity come out as the guest bring their special treats. 

At the party this cute little jar of love coupons is for each girl to take home as a special coupon for their hubbies.  


Give those white plates a made over for love day! 

Here is a fun and budget friendly gift to give your kids or husbands. 

Have you also heard about giving your kids a heart attack??  I know it sounds funny but it is where you cut different size and coloured hearts and you write things that you love about your kids on them and post them to their door for valentines day?  

I loved this idea of speaking truth over our kids so when a mother asked me if I could make a print for her girls with all these kind words on it I was more then happy to be part of such a fun project!   I did one up for our oldest son and he hung it up right away he loved it so much. 

Yummy Treats 

We enjoy making some delicious love day treats!  

Our favourite LOVE day tradition 

One of our families favourite love day traditions is our restaurant.  From early on Micah and I decided to make valentines day about loving on our family so we have created a tradition of turing our home into a love day restaurant.  The kids choose the menu (this saves on fighting them to eat), we all dress up and enjoy a delicious candle light dinner. 

The kids also choose the name of the restaurant so we have had everything from Sonic and TailsStrawberry Short cakes waffle cafe and the bot cafe

The table is set like a "fancy" restaurant!  It is a great way to teach kids manors of eating at a restaurant without actually being at one. 

During our meal we each get to open our LOVE boxes.  These boxes are filled with notes or valentines from each person in the family.  On these notes we share what we love about that person.  We all take turns opening our box and reading aloud what each person said about us.  I enjoy hearing what the kids write to each other and to us :)   One of my favourites is Mama your a great cooker! 

Of course hubby and I always celebrate when the kids go to bed with a special treat just for the two of us!!!  

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