Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Fun!

Summer is just around the corner!!!  I am so excited this is the last week of school.  Woohoo for no more packing lunches for a little while.    One thing our family does every summer is create a summer fun list.  

In the past years I did up our list on the computer and had it printed at Costco but over the years we have switched to brown paper that we doodle and colour our list out together. 

Summer Fun 2015

Summer Fun 2016

Summer 2017 

Now that we have been making a list for a few years I find it easy to create.  I always let the kids choose a few cool things from pinterest.  This can include an activity, such as make our own water colours and some yummy new treats like rootbeer float popsicles!!  

The key with doing a fun list isn't to stress yourself out and over book your summer.  You want to enjoy summer and have fun with your family and friends.  The thing I like about our list is it is stuff we like to do in the summer.  We live in such a beautiful province and we are surrounded by beautiful beaches, parks and the OCEAN that we always make a point when the weather is nice to get out and enjoy it.  The kids love having the list cause they look forward to the activities and treats we are going to enjoy.   

Here are a few of our favourites from over the years. 

We usually kick off our summer with strawberry season.  Our family always packs up and heads out to our local u-pick to get us some berries.   We make our own strawberry jam for the year.  We also love short cakes and a few years ago we were introduced to the strawberry s'more.  If you haven't tried these they should go on your list :) 

Put your marshmallow on your roasting stick then add a fresh strawberry on the top and roast to golden perfection. 

 Using celebration cookies (the dark chocolate ones are my favourite) sandwich your marshmallow and strawberry between the cookies and enjoy!

Just one sip of frozen hot chocolate from Second Cup and I was addicted!!!  This stuff is so rich and creamy but not so good for our frugal life!  So I created my own recipe for us to enjoy all summer long! 

This frozen fun will give you mamas a few hours of time to sit in the sun, read and drink up those frozen drinks!!!  

Making your own summer treats with the kids is so much fun!  Every year our kids love making these special treats ice cream sandwiches, Raspberry cheese cakes pops, Oreo Popsicles, Chocolate covered Strawberry popsicles and mamas secret popsicles

One of our favourite places to visit!   We love to camp here and we love to pack up and head there for the day!  Nothing like your toes in hot sand, breathing in the salty air and the cold water to cool you down! 

Early on in our marriage my husband actually invented his own holiday!  I know it sounds crazy but the stress of being married to a Dietitian just cracked him and he went out and brought white bread and Nutella into our home.  After a heated debate of he wasn't going to feed that to our 1 year old son he sprinkled M&Ms all over it and said I declare July 18th M&M on toast day.  It will be the day I eat fresh white bread with Nutella and M&Ms.  I caved and let him have this one day!  So now every July 18th we celebrate our holiday.  He even wrote a song for it that you can hear over on facebook @katescreativekitchen.  

It would not be summer if we didn't hear the sound of washer toss being played!  This has been a favourite game of mine since I was a little girl spending my summers in a camp ground!   So thankful in our early years of marriage this amazing husband of mine pulled over on the side of the road and purchased our own set from a local guy! 

We were married at the very end of summer so we always include a little mama and dad getaway on our summer bucket list!  This has been a very special time for us to get away for a couple of nights just the two of us to have fun!  One year we actually went to a water park and the zoo :) 

So do you make a bucket list?  Let me hear some of the fun things your family does. 
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