Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer bucket List

Hey readers we have been so busy crossing off our super fun summer bucket list that I have hardly had time to sit down and write about anything that we have done.

Let me just tell you we have been having a very fun summer.  We have enjoyed two camping trips, beach days, pool parties, BBQ's, gardening, game nights, washer toss and an awesome trip to Cape Breton.

Believe it or not I have taken A LOT of pictures!  So I decided to use picmonkey to make collages to make it easier for you to see some of the awesome things we have been doing.  We still have about 10 things left on our list but whatever we don't do this year we will keep for next summer :)

Fly Swatter Paint # 35

Trip to the zoo # 14

Cape Breton # 6

 Mini Golf # 12

 Picnic #16

Silly String fight #33

Camping at Nannie and Grampies # 11

Corn Dogs #41

Drive In # 36

Floats and a Movie # 3

Marshmallow Guns # 17

Water Gun Fight #46

Pool Party #27

Fair #7

Sundae Party #20

Camping #1

New River Beach #32

Sand Castle # 28

Washer Toss #40

I have been trying my hardest to take photos with my camera and not just my phone when we are doing a bucket list activity but sometimes I just have to enjoy the moment!!!
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