Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Why Birthday party

Calling all Super Readers....

to the book club

This past weekend we celebrated Eben's 1/2 birthday. I know you probably have never heard of a half birthday before. Its not something every kid has but Eben does. That's because he was born on Christmas morning. Lets be honest who wants to add another party into the already busy December month and of coursing adding double the presents for birthday and Christmas just couldn't happen in our little house. Instead we just celebrate his 1/2 birthday in June, when the weather is nicer and his friends can come!

This year Eben wanted a Super Readers birthday. I am sure if you have younger kids you know all about this show. It was pretty easy to pull off cause they have a lot of great printables on PBS kids for birthday invitations and cup cake toppers. I also found a no sew super hero cape pattern and went for it.

So for decorations I was so happy that a friend of mine picked up the Super Reader dolls for me at the local dollar store!! I know $2 for each one...that's not bad and Eben was so excited to play with them.

While shopping around at a second hand store for t-shirts to make the capes out of I came across this puzzle...and yes I squealed when I found it.

Whats a super why party without the Y writer! They were easy to make I simply took a pencil and cut out a big question mark using my Cricut. A little bit of glue and ta-da all the kids were running around the lawn changing stories everywhere.

After all the kids arrived it was time to transform.

Each super reader got their own cape with their super letter on it.

Then they needed to run around the back yard in search for

Super letters. Once they found them they had to run them back to the computer to figure out the super story answer.

Which was Happy Birthday Eben.
After the game we snacked on reds basket of alphabets.

And what would a party be without cake...or cupcakes.

The cupcakes were such a big hit. All the Super Reader characters were on them so the kids wanted to pick out which one to eat.

And it was all over by 11:00 am!! I love morning parties. The kids are happy and full of energy so it was great that they could play outside.

Hip hip hoary the Super Readers Saved the Day!!!

oh and what would the party be without two very cute Princess Prestos!! heheheh

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer time fun

Welcome to summer!!! Yesterday we made our summer time fun list of all kinds of things we want to do this summer. I am excited to get out side (hopefully it will get hot) and do lots of fun things this summer. Now I am off to finally get some summer decorations up.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mono gram

We just finished giving two of our rooms a make over. We now have a new den/office/craftroom and a new bed room. You can check out the makeover process over here.

For the bed room I knew I really wanted to put up our monogram over the head board. I just love the way these look. So this past weekend at our over night scrap book party at church I decided to cut one out using a large Cricut. I love love love how it turned out. All three letters are from Calligraphy. The P is done in 18 inch and the K and M are 10.

For more creative idea head on over to I heart nap time and see what others are doing.
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