Friday, December 30, 2011

Our New House

Hey Readers if you want to check out our new house head on over to our family blog and take a tour.   Hope you enjoy our new pad.  Stay tuned for decorations, new paint and lots of organization tips.

So come on in and take a tour!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Girls night

This weekend I had a few new friends out for a little Christmas girls night, even though we had the boys with us to, it was still a girls night.   We started the night off with a yummy feast.  My friends brought some delicious shrimp and noodles and we made homemade baked chicken wings a this new appetizer

They are called poppers and they were so delicious.  I will for sure be making them again for our Christmas gatherings this year. 

After supper we did a craft together making these paper trees.  I saw the idea from one of my friends blogs (scrap and doodle) and thought I would give it a try. 

They turned out very nice.  I am so happy with the paper pack I picked up that day at Winners.  It was an American Crafter pack called Jolly.  All the paper is so beautiful and I can't believe that it was so cheap.  I didn't realize how good of deals you can find at winners on scrapbooking stuff.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Last week or maybe it was two weeks ago we had a big snow storm here so we decided to take the day and decorate the house for Christmas.  And how can you really decorate without any Christmas cookies to snack on!  

Hubby is the best at rolling out the cookie dough so that is his job.  

This year Jaelyn got to help out by making her own cookie.  Daddy gave her a little piece of the dough they patted it out together and then put the cookie cutter on it. 

Once the dough was all rolled out Daddy and Eben worked on cutting the cookie out.  They do such a great job of making use of all the cookie cutters.

Now all we need is some pictures of the finished cookies but they still aren't iced yet.  Maybe we will get that done this weekend.
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