Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting ready for Peterson #2

What a busy yet relaxing summer we have had so far. I mean these past couple of months have really picked up for us as we are preparing for baby #2; which should be here in the next 10 days or so!!!

We started off the summer having some maternity photos taken by our friend Kait. You can check out some of her other work here. We really enjoyed our session with Kait and her husband. She is a very creative photographer!!

I just love the pictures so much that I have been busy scrap booking many of them to get them up and around the house.

Here are 4 shots of my baby bump at 34 weeks!
These are some pictures of Eben the Big Brother!! I actually framed this one to placed it over his bed in the nursery.

The nursery was the next thing to get figured out. How do we put two kids into one room. After my friend Krista gave us some advice this is what we turned out!

Now just the other night we put up a little baby hammock so the little one has a place to rest well mama is focused on Eben or house work. Right now we are trying to teach Eben to be gentle with it by using puppy the giraffe. I only caught Eben swinging in it twice yesterday...not bad for the first day up.

So now we play the waiting game to see if the baby will be a he or a she.

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