Thursday, April 11, 2013

Project time

I have taken a little break from blog due to our lap top not working properly.  But my amazing husband has fixed it and its now a lap top again!  We can move it around and I can finally blog on it during nap time.
Another reason I haven't blog is because we have been busy working on a Heritage fair project.  This project was a lot of fun for Eben and I to do together.

 I decided I was going to let him do all the work and just help where I could.  Our topic was to study the Canadian beaver.  While the other two little ones napped Eben and I would watch videos on beavers, read books and create our poster board presentation.

My scrapbooking supplies sure came in handy for this project.  We used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters to spell Beaver across the top.   Eben would than write different facts about Beavers, choose the colored piece of card stock and glue his work onto the colored paper and then we would place it on the board. 

We made two beaver puppets out of brown paper lunch bags. 

We used orange card stock for the teeth...cause beaver teeth are orange believe it or not and brown card stock for the ears and tails (which you can't see in the bottom picture).  The eyes are goggly eyes glued on.  I used the puppets to get Eben to tell me beaver facts.  He pretended it was the beaver talking. 

Since beavers are herbnivors we decided to make a beaver salad to have on our presentation table.  So Eben and Lady J went outside and collected sticks, twigs and bark.  Then they came inside to break them all up and put them into this salad bowl.

I used some fancy scrapbook stuff I had around the craft desk and Eben wrote Beaver Salad on it. 

The night before the Heritage Fair I decided to make beaver tails for supper.  I was so happy to find this recipe for them.  They were easy to make and they tasted so delicious. 

I rolled out a few at a time, gave them a quick fry and then brushed with melted butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar mixture. 

The last part of the project was constructing the beaver lodge. This fun activity was done with the school principle. 

 We started with a small cookie sheet and cut a 12*12 piece of blue card stock to fit in it.  Next I mixed up some frosting with brown food coloring.  Then I let the little ones go to town with pretzel sticks.  They did use a toliet paper roll to use as the inside of the lodge.

 I think I caught someone licking his fingers!

Here is the 3 cute busy beavers covered in mud with their finished product. 

And the little treasure is the beaver himself.

And here is my little man in front of his project before the judges came!  He did a great job.  Everyone who participated got a medal with their name on it and everyone won a special prize.  Eben received the best researched project and got a little gift card to to fun shop here in the city!  I thought this project would be done with but we are going to the regionals next week with some other great friends so it will be another day of telling the judges all about Beavers!!

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