Friday, February 22, 2019

S'more Party

S'mores are the ultimate summer time treat for us!  Our family loves all different kinds of s'mores.  With two of our birthdays in the summer a s'more party is right up our ally. 

First off for any of your kids who go to a party in the summer this S'more Fun basket is the best gift ever.  A personal cooking fork (for roasting marshmallows), Graham crackers, marshmallows and of course different flavoured chocolate bars.  I even looked up some different combinations and added a little menu card in the gift bucket. 

Now for the party!!!  Set up your serving station with different chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows.  We have found that chocolate covered cookies also make perfect s'mores.  

Due to living in an area where we usually have fire bands, these propane fire pits are the best life saver for a s'more party during a band.  

My favourite s'more combination besides the original is one made with a peanut butter cup!  How about you? 

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