Friday, January 11, 2013

Daniel Fast

How has everyone been doing with this years 21 day Daniel fast.  We started our fast a little later (Jan 8th) because of Micah's birthday on the 7th.  We also have had a rough go this week due to the 24 hour stomach bug hitting 4 out of 5 of us this week.  We did good just to keep down water and soda crackers; but its a new day and we are all MUCH MUCH MUCH better so we will push on with our Daniel fast.

I wanted to share 10 tips with you on how to be successful during this time.

1.  Put all your "junk" food into a big tote to be stored until Feb.  This included our chips, chocolate and other foods that aren't permitted during the fast time.  Just like the old saying goes out of sight out of mind.  It helps with the temptation.

2. Fruit bowl:  If it is there then we will eat it.  Put apples, oranges, pears and bananas in a fruit bowl to leave on the table top or the counter   That way when you want a snack you can grab something nutritious.  Having food visible usually means you will choose it and be less tempted to grab for something else.  This also works for veggies as well.  If you buy a large bag of carrots or celery wash and cut them up.  These can be stored in air tight container in the refrigerator and ready to eat at anytime.    A mid afternoon snack might be to take out the container and put it on the counter with a bit of hummus for people to graze as they walk by.

4.  Mixed Nut:  These are a great source of protein and also a great snack.  We also have a couple dishes of nuts around the house for snacking.  The kids have been enjoying toasted almonds, peanuts  and of course their favorite pistachio.  Good thing Eben got this for his birthday!!!

5. Search for recipes:  There are so many recipes out there and good resources I recommend searching for some delicious recipes to enjoy during this time.  I really have been enjoying the Ultimate Daniel Fast book on the kindle it has lots of information on the fast as well as lots of delicious recipes.  If you have tried any please comment and let me know which one you tried and if it was delicious or not. 

6.  Drink your calories:  This is something we don't usually say but during a fast time its the best way to enjoy an afternoon snack.  We are using lots of our fresh local strawberries that we frozen from this summer.  Along with local frozen blueberries!!  To add some protein to your drink try putting in a TBSP of Chia seeds to your smoothie.   This is also a good way to use up some of your fruits and veggies that might be going a little too ripe. 

A favorite smoothie recipe around here is
frozen strawberries
frozen banana
1 tbsp Chia seeds
Orange juice
Water (optional)

Today I tried I spinach one thanks to a friend who posted a picture this morning...the kids didn't really enjoy it as much but I thought it was tasty.

1 cup spinach
1 cup cold water
handful of pineapple
ripe banana

7.  Root veggies:  Right now these veggies are in the grocery store for pretty cheap so toss them in some olive add some spices and roast them up together.   Serve them over a high protein grain such as quinoa.

8.  Water water and more water:  Make sure you are drinking lots of water.  If you have a hard time doing this maybe filling a water jug and using that will help you see how much you are really drinking during the days.  Also if its too blend for you why not slice up some lemon, lime or even orange slices and added them to your water for a bit of a flavor boost.

9.  Use dip:  Two things that come in handy for the fast around here is hummus and natural peanut butter.  You can enjoy hummus with lots of cut up veggies like  carrots, celery, broccoli, mini tomatoes, and peppers.  Three years ago when we started doing the Daniel fast we switched to natural peanut butter and haven't looked back (except the first 14 weeks being pregnant with Abraham).  The kids love to use it for apple slices and on celery sticks.

10.  The never ending salad bowl:  So I went to Costco last weekend and pick up a 6 pack of romaine lettuce.  When I got home I cut one up and put in a large container with some red, orange and green peppers.  Every lunch time and supper time I bring out the endless salad and we add other things to our individual portion.  Then the bowl goes back in the fridge and getts filled up with the lettuce and peppers as it runs low.  I love just using those basic ingredients so nothing goes soggy in the salad. We usually add tomato and cucumber to our portions along with some orange or apple.  To give it a sweet taste without using salad dressing we have been topping it with a few Craisins.

I hope some of these tips help.  Please let me know any tips you have learned or that you use.  I would love to hear from ya.


marquitta trimnell said...

Hi, I just found a link to your blog from pinterest. I'm interested because in all my other research of the Daniel Fast, it says bread is one of the items not allowed? Did you have to buy a special type of bread for the fast?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Ezekiel bread is ok for this fast.

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel Bread is not ok for the fast since yeast or sugar is not allowed, and Ezekiel Bread has both. You have to be constantly reading the ingredients. Make sure the breads contain no yeast or sugar.

Anonymous said...

We're making home made whole wheat bass. That is allowed but you can't add anything processed. It's healthy and good to eat.

Anonymous said...

Bread not bass

Anonymous said...

I have a list that I got from the daniel's fast website. Hummus was not on the list why?

Michelle Bainbridge said...

Garlickly white bean hummus is on the detox list in my the Daniel Plan book by Rick Warren. Made it and really liked it.

Anonymous said...

You can't have anything with a sweetener like honey, molasses or syrup. No leavening, so even if it's made with baking soda or baking powder it's a no.

April Peters said...

Thank you for these ideas! Also, I've only found 1 Natural Peanut Butter that doesn't contain sugar or honey - even the organic has sweetener. Be sure to read your ingredients.

mary moore said...

Hi you can go to health food store and get fresh processed peanut butter ( you put the peanuts in the machine and nothing else) It is delic!!!!!!!

Optimistic Caterpillar said...

Hello! :-) I was just reading over the 10 tips and noticed #3 is missing. Would you be able to post it in the comments? I would really appreciate it.

Some of the leaders in our church is about to start this fast and I decided to do a little research of my own. Thanks so much!

Gavsha said...

Thank you. These are the amazing tips and so practical and easy. Its all about planning to do it right. Thanks God bless and expect your miracle

Jackie said...

Are you allowed to have Craisins even though they contain sugar? I would use raisins instead. I've been very careful reading labels.

Lebo said...

Wow, I live in South Africa and started my Daniel fast today, been doing my research online and all the recipes had very foreign ingredients, especially since I dont know anyone vegan. although after going through your top 10 list, i have a better plan and idea. Just googled recipe for easy. thank you.

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