Thursday, August 27, 2009

DIY nursery art

Its been a busy day but I am finally getting around to my frugal tip for today. This is a great baby shower gift that turned out wonderful!

They are nursery wall art!! Heres what I did

1.Print off some great coloring pages from the internet; it easiest if you print them off onto card stock.
2. Pick out a nice back ground paper. The colors in this paper matched the colors of the nursery. I measured just right and one 12 x 12 page was enough to cover all three mini canvas.
3. Cut the paper and modge podge it onto the canvas.
4. Once dry Modge Podge the coloring pages onto the paper
5. Using a hot glue gun you can add ribbon on the back to make hanging easy!

They were simple to make and the recipient loved them! Here they are hanging in the nursery

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frame your scrap book pages

I have been making cards for a while but had never really gotten into scrap booking. That was until I received a scrap book for Christmas. Since I belong to a "craft group" at our church I new I could count on the wisdom from the other ladies to help me in a new endeavor.

With my mom celebrating a special birthday this summer I wanted to do something really nice. I thought of a scrap book or a photo book but after going through hundreds of pictures (most of her and Eben the only grand child) I decided( instead of putting lots of work into a book that will probably need to be up graded when we have more children) to go with a simpler idea. So I purchased a scrap booking frame and decided that on special occasions or whenever I had really great photos I would scrap book them for my mom so she can frame them. Then the older ones can go into a book of her own!!

I really liked the frame so when at a church yard sale this summer I picked up this larger black frame for 25 cents and put in a page that I created of our family all dressed up for a wedding. It always get lots of attention when people come to visit!!

This is a great way to show off your photos and if you enjoy scrappin it really is a work of art!! heheh

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Whats on the menu

I can not believe its the last week of August already. Wow the summer flew by! This weeks menu is a very simple since we have lots going on this week. I have already started to plan for the fall. Today I have spent all morning cleaning out the freezers, fridge, and pantry. I am getting ready to load up for the winter. So here is whats cookin this week. Of course its all subject to change due to the hot and humid weather we have been having.

Monday: Pork chops, baked potatoes and broccoli
Tuesday: Grilled meat and cheese sandwiches
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Happy 4th Anniversary
Friday: Quesadillas
Saturday: Out with my parents

For more meal ideas head on over to Lauras site

This week I do plan on making peach jam since they are in season!!! Hope its as good as last year

Friday, August 21, 2009

Making ice cream sandwiches

Frugal Friday is back!!! I have so many frugal tips to share so I am excited to get back to blogging! This is one of my favorite summer tips! Making your own ice cream sandwiches. You start by making up a batch of your favorite cookies. I usually make an oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chip cookie.

My kitchen helper is getting much better in the kitchen now!
When the cookies are finished baking and have cooled down. I put one scoop of ice cream on one cookie and top it with another. You lay these on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer for ~1 hour. When finished wrap each cookie in plastic wrap! Our cookies usually don't last too long but I would say they probably store about 1-2 weeks.

These treats get two thumbs up from our family!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Graduation cup cakes

When my brother in law and his wife where home at the beginning of summer we had a graduation BBQ for them! My sister in law has now a doctor residence and my brother in law has completed an out door adventure program; which is cool cause now he knows how do to all kinds of crazy out door things like dog sled and climb mountains! heheh...

So for there party I decided to make some yummy graduation cup cakes. The recipe was found here and the idea came from Kraft.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Where back!!

We are back from our two week missions trip! It was great to spend those two weeks ministering together with friends and family. To see what we were up to you can check out the blog. While we were away the cooks did a great job preparing meals from lots of donated food that came in. They did a great job presenting the food so it look very appetizing.

These fruit salad cups were prepared with all donated fruit...thank you Lord for providing!

At the end of the two weeks together we shared a special feast and the cooks whipped up these cupcake ice cream cones. They were simple to make all she did was make brownies from a mix. spooned it into the ice cream cones and baked. When they were finished you let cook and top with ice cream and sprinkles.

Eben really enjoyed this treat!!

Since we have only been back for 2 days now I got lots of things to get done around here. But man oh man is it hot!!! Which is great but not for cooking or working. I think I will spend the afternoon (with the little guy) in his pool! Tonight I have planned to make a delicious hodge podge with all the fresh veggies from our garden!
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