Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Favorites

 Fall is such a beautiful time of year!  The trees are bursting with vibrant colours that make Sunday afternoon drives a must during this season.  And what is an Autumn drive without a warm drink in hand (probably something pumpkin flavoured), boots on your feet and a family trip to the orchard to pick apples.   Can I just say I LOVE seeing family photos of everyone out picking apples! What special memories you are making with your families.   

   This week we are getting ready to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday which means the kids don't have school a few days this week.  So I wanted to put together some Fall Favorites that you and your families can enjoy creating, baking and eating.  

Lets start with this fun pumpkin turkey craft that we enjoy making as decorations for our Thanksgiving table.   

See how lovely this looks for our feast!  Also a here is the link to these awesome Thanksgiving placemats and utensil holders

Here is another fun fall activity that the kids LOVE doing....I mean who doesn't love painting their hand ;)  You paint their hand like a turkey (all brown) and each finger a different fall colour for the feathers. When it dries you add a goggly eye, little orange beak and a red turkey flapper.  heheh.

Now lets move on to those apples, since most of you have probably picked 10- 20 lb!!!  

 Apple Nachos make a great afternoon school or late night snack.  These can be made in so many different ways depending on what you have around the house and what you like.  The combinations are endless.  

 Caution....this Salted Caramel recipe is deadly and highly addictive!  Last year we decided to give little mason jars, topped with an apple to those special teachers in our lives.  We made cute little labels that said "I couldn't have picked a better teacher"

Oh man I am getting excited to get to that orchard to get our apples because I LOVE these caramel apples.   These make great little gifts to give out to neighbours, teachers or friends during this season.  And while we are here shall I share a little life hack with you about eating HUGE apples like this?    I remove the stick and take a sharp knife to cut the apples into a half then half again.  This gives everyone a chance to try all the different flavours and nobody breaks their teeth. 

Can you feel the excitement??

Now lets talk about all those crab apples that are along the side of the road and in our back yard.  Sure they are not good for eating but have you ever made delicious homemade apple jelly with them???  If not you must try.  

It can't be fall with out the flavour of pumpkin!!!  

These Monkey Bread Muffins make a delicious fall afternoon snack! Be sure to enjoy with a nice hot drink...and a friend ;) 

These pumpkin pie cupcakes are almost too cute to eat! 

This combination of ginger snap cookie and pumpkin pie cream cheese just screams AUTUMN!!!  Be sure to put these whoopie pies on your fall baking menu. 

These muffins are made weekly in this house because they make great snacks and lunches.  These Pumpkin Spice Muffins are for sure our Fall Favorite. 

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