Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Settlers of Catan Birthday Party

We just celebrated our oldest boys 7 1/2 birthday.  Thats right a 1/2 birthday.  We do this cause his real birthday is Christmas day.  I don't think any of his friends would be able to join us on that day to celebrate his birthday and with so many activities happening in Dec it is just too hard to celebrate then.  So right from his first birthday we decided to always celebrate the 1/2 birthday where all his friends could come and it would be summer ;)   

Our family really loves the game Settlers of Catan. So I knew this would make a really great theme party.  

 I made the banner using my circut to cut out the shapes and letters.  The shapes should have been hexagons but all I had was octagon...close enough.  I chose the deep red and golden colors to match the color of the game box. 

For this part of his special day we went to a local church that has a gym party room filled with bouncy castles, basketballs, rock climbing wall and lots of other fun things.  So we just invited lots of his friends and family to come and play and then enjoy some delicious cup cakes. 

He loves chocolate cake so I made a couple of batches of our favorite Chocolate cake recipe.  Then I colored white frosting all the different colors that I needed to make the Catan playing board. 

Red- 3
Dark Green- 4
Light Green -4
Yellow- 4
Gray -3 
Blue- As many as you like.  I wish I would of had more blue ones 

For the number pieces I used little white circles that I had in my scrapbooking supplies.  I used the game pieces to help me make all mine look the same.  Then I put the cupcake board together. 

For the dark green cup cakes which represent the "trees" I did do a few piped trees so you could tell them apart from the sheep. 

 In the brown cupcake, which is the dessert and where the robber lives, I used the robber piece from the kids of catan game that we have.

We recently purchased this beautiful serving tray that an amazing friend of mine made.  So I lined it with parchment paper, set the cupcakes up in it and took it to the party...so easy for transporting :) 

As a thanks for coming gift, which I usually never do,  a friend of mine who has been making these fun creations in a jar made me these sweet little jars filled with gum balls.  Each one had a chalk board label on it that we wrote thanks for coming and the tops where all painted like the game board pieces. 

 That evening we invited our family over to have a game of settlers.  So the snacks where all based on the board game.

Bricks: Nibs

 Rock:  The birthday cake which is frozen Oreo dessert

 Sheep:  Popcorn

 Tree:  Broccoli

Wheat: Bread with dip

Roads: Cup up Twizzlers 
Settlements: Candy Bars cut up in squares 

We agreed that when they built a settlement they could eat one :) 

I also made this cute printable that I put into an 8X10 frame to use as decoration for the party. 

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