Thursday, June 11, 2015

Super Hero Party

What a joy it was to celebrate this little boy yesterday on his 3rd birthday!!  He is full of life and energy so we knew his birthday would be so much fun.  

When the kids woke up yesterday we had the house all decorated with balloons, banners, super hero photos and...

a comic book bunting! My two older kids are so sweet and marched right into his room to sing happy birthday to him :)  When they finished he jumped out of bed and came to find us to sing happy birthday to himself!  What a card ;) 

Our little guy loves being a super hero and can usually be found wearing either a tiger costume or his batman cape.  So it wasn't a shock when we asked him what would you like for your birthday and he quickly replied a Super Hero Cake!   So the theme for this party was born.  It was a very fun theme to pull off.  

While shopping for supplies for the party at the local grocery store we found 2 boxes for these super hero cookies on clearance!!  Thats right I bought 2 boxes for the price of 1.  They were a great addition to the party food. 

I put out the left over frosting which was delicious to dip these cookies into! 

I love getting the kids involved when doing crafts so these super hero suckers were a lot of fun to make.  I bought sicker googley eyes that Lady J put on the suckers.  Eben, J and Abe painted this egg carton black (to look like a city) which would help the suckers stand up.  And together Jaelyn and I put the capes on all the suckers.  

This Captain America fruit shield was so easy to make!!  I started with a cake tray from the dollar store and put a star cookie cutter in the centre.  Fill the cookie cutter with mini marshmallows. Next I put the big marshmallows around.  There was a circle within this cake tray so it make it easy to just follow the circle :)  Then I filled in the centre strawberries by cutting some berries in half.  Then fill in the extra space with blueberries and finish the whole thing off with big strawberries around the outside.    This awesome table cloth came from the dollar store as was prefect for a super hero theme. 

Spiderman strawberries so easy to do.  Just a blob of white frosting outlined in black!  Good thing strawberries were on sale this week! 

An awesome friend made me some great super hero signs to use to decorate the food with. 

Now on to the cake!!!  I know it looks awesome but I can't take credit for the design as one of my best friends came over and did it for me.  It was so much fun watching her work while I learn some cake decorating tips myself. 

Now for the inside!  Thats right it was tie-dyed!  So simple to do and making the super hero party even more awesome!!! 

Now lets show you some awesome super heros that came to the party :)  Here is my gang ready to celebrate before any other guest arrived. 

A Nanny photobomb! 

Myself (as Robin) with the crew.

Mr M&M and Zorro's wife

Captain Vegetable and his hot wife.  If you don't know who captain vegetables is you might want to check him out! 

Batman and Robin

Captain America

Batman and Captain Vegetable

What kind of spiderman doesn't have a web??  Eben was excited to use silly string for this "webs"  But what fun would that be if everyone didn't get a can of silly string!   Silly string fight on the trampoline. 

 Don't get me...

 yup he got me! 

 Our Super Hero Family!!!  

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