Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer in New Brunswick

WELCOME to our 2018 summer fun bucket list!!  We have been creating a summer bucket list for many many summer and each year we find new places to explore!  I can hardly believe that NB is filled with so many beautiful hidden treasures.  This year I asked some local friends to give me their favourite hidden spots for us to add to our summer fun list and they did not disappoint.   I tried to pick ones that are close by as we aren't doing any long distance traveling this summer.  Hope you enjoy :) 

Hands down one of our favourite places to spend a day!  Nothing like the freezing cold salt water rolling in over a hot sand bar.  This place has great camping as well, with huge sites, great prices and sweet cook houses. There is also hiking trails, restrooms, playground, restaurant and places to BBQ. 

This is a new beach on our list to explore with some of our Kingston friends. 

This beautiful swimming hole is also new to us but the water is so beautiful and tropical looking!  It has been recommended to wear water shoes due to all the rocks. 

Yes, the sand is black!  I can't wait to visit this beach. 

This was such a fun adventure...ok so we got a little lost trying to find this beautiful spot but if you write down the directions and follow them you won't have any troubles finding this beautiful spot. 

This was a very easy water fall to find.  The hike wasn't bad for a family with little ones but the water was FREEZING, even in Aug. But we didn't let that stop us and we all jumped in. 

This is on the top of our list for this year.  I can't wait to explore this beautiful place. 

Strawberry picking is one of my favourite summer activities...I mean nothing beats the taste of delicious local strawberries.   The past couple of years our tradition has been to go picking on Canada day!   New Brunswick has so many u-picks so be sure to find one close to you. 

And if you have NEVER tried a strawberry s'more; you should!  This s'more is made with Celebration cookies! 

Nothing beats walking the ocean floor, getting your feet all muddy, well taking in the beauty of these incredible rocks.  It is a trip you will want to make at least once every few years. 

This is a place we visit every summer!  It is such a beautiful spot to enjoy the day.  Be sure before you head out on this adventure that you know where the tide is at.  You don't want to get there to explore the caves to have the tide just coming in. And of course at least one of our visits we MUST eat sea food on the deck at the Caves Restaurant! 

One of my goals this summer to do more hiking!  This isn't always the easiest with a few littles but we have 2 backpacks for carrying the little ones (there is a baby on my back) so we are making it work!  This is a great hike that even our 4 year old did. 

What a great family friendly place this is.  There is a wonderful hiking trail that is great for walking (stroller friendly), running or biking.  Also there is a big playground and a life guarded beach.  You can even pack up a picnic lunch and enjoy that under one of their picnic table shelters. 

We love getting up early and heading over on a ferry ride to Kingston to enjoy their farmers market!  There is so many treats and vendors you can purchase from and they usually have things for the kids and live music. 

We love being able to take in a movie outside in the summer time.  The drive in offers a great Sunday night price of $28 for a van full.  That is great deal for us and our 12 passenger van :)  We head up early to be there when the gate opens, grab a good spot, set up our chairs, blankets and enjoy the summer evening before the movie starts playing Frisbee or washer toss.   Be sure to take lawn chairs (if you want to sit outside), warm blankets and even a little battery operated radio for those who want to enjoy the show outside the vehicle. 

Kings Landing has so many fun events happening during the summer that this is a place that should be on your bucket list!!!  

Growing up in St. Stephen this was one of my favourite times of summer!  The town has so many fun activities going on, you should be sure to check it out!  Make sure you get to become a chocolate dipper and don't leave the town with out enjoying a chicken bone latte at Something's Brewing Cafe.

Nothing like ending summer with this spectacular festival.   And while you are right there you must stop into Mrs. Dunster's to grab a bag of their famous homemade doughnuts. 

Want to explore up town Saint John a little more?  Why not check out this amazing up town puzzle hunt. 

You don't always have to go places to make amazing summer memories!  Here are two of my kids favourite at home summer bucket list activities!!! 

S'more Bar! 

So many different chocolate bars, crackers and cookies to make your own delicious s'more combinations.  

Water Wars

A fun evening or afternoon with our water guns (yes we each have our own guns) playing lots of different games or we do a HUGE pile of water balloons and go crazy chasing each other.  Both of these activities are very fun and a great way to enjoy summer. 

Inside Fun

Your Local Libray

On those rainy summer days hit up your local library and grab some summer reading!  The library usually has lots of free activities that happen daily for you to enjoy. 

This spot just opened up in Saint John and might be a great place to check out on a wet and rainy day. 

I know I could have listed a lot more places to check out and I will continue to make post as we adventure and find new hidden gems. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Nerf Wall

Welcome to the boys room or a mini man cave if you would like to call it!     We recently built onto our house and put 4 boys in one giant room, so with everyone sharing, we are using all the space we have with a purpose! This little piece of wall is where all their nerf guns and gear is being stored. 

We put this up for them at Christmas time and I was finding that even though we had a place to hang the nerf guns it always looked sloppy and not my hubby to the rescue.    He purchased some longer hooks to use and he had a brilliant idea of using green painters tape (as labels) so the kids could line up their guns to put them back in the proper place. 

This has been a huge game changer for the nerf wall remaining neat looking!  And it has made it so much easier for guest to help with the clean up when they are over.  

Teacher Gift

Today is the last day of school for our kids.  HELLO SUMMER!!!    I always love giving the kids teachers a gift to thank them for the long hours and hard work they put into the school year.  This year I decided to give them each a gift of our homemade strawberry jam and I created these fun labels to go with it. 

I had some strawberry scrapbooking paper that I used to cover the tops of my jam jars.  The labels I printed out on card stock, punched a hole in the top and used burlap to tie it around the jar.   

Feel free to download these labels and use them for gifts as well.  If you would like to purchase the file without my water mark just message me. 

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