Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flyers OnLine

When we lived in our apartment I had two favorite days of the week; Wednesdays and Saturdays. You may be thinking...Katie why were these your favorite days? Well it was because those were FLYER days. On Wednesday's we would get the flyer's for places like Walmart, Drug stores and Giant Tiger. The grocery store flyer's would come on Saturdays. When we moved to our new house I was very sad to find out that the flyer's are not delivered to our I was forced to search else where and what better place to find things but the world wide web! Sure enough I found that Coop, Superstore and Sobey's all have their flyer's online. I simply saved these website in our bookmarks so they are easily assessed when I go to do the meal planning for the week. Also I figure this is great as we don't have as much paper laying around the house. If you know of any other stores that have their flyer's online...please let me know!

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Stephen & Maria Weyman said...

Enjoy :)


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