Friday, June 20, 2008

Mexican Mash

So for Tuesday night I had planned to have nachos because we needed something fast to eat so we could make a meeting that evening. But instead of piling up our nacho chips I decided to be a little creative. So this is a new favorite meal in our house.

Mexican Mash with nacho chip utensils

In my trusty cast iron pan I fried hamburger, onions, and garlic together. After draining the grease I put in some black beans, corn and a little bit of water. I covered and cooked on low for about 5 minutes to cook the beans and corn. Then I added some salsa and Tex-Mex cheese whiz and let it simmer until it got thick.

*Spices I added where cumin, curry, chili powder and red chili flakes.

I placed this yummy mash in the center of our plate (topped with fresh tomatoes and green peppers) and place nachos around it to be used as utensils.

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