Thursday, June 5, 2008

A new favorite

My wonderful husband has come out of his cooking shell and has created a masterpiece!! This past Sunday morning (which was my birthday) I awoke to the sound to sizzling eggs and the wonderful aroma of coffee. I entered the kitchen and found Micah hard at work on this new creation, an omelet made with fresh thyme (from my new herb garden), cheddar cheese and tomatoes.

In order to appreciate this you must know that Micah first is only learning to enjoy eggs and second he doesn't usually step outside of a recipe. He did use a recipe for the omelet but then decided before he folded the eggs over that he would place in a few freshly diced tomatoes. To make it a balanced breakfast he garnished the egg with a slice to tomato , a string of thyme and two buttery pieces of multi- grain toast.

Honestly I must say that this was one of the best omelet I have ever eaten (NO ketchup required). The fresh thyme in it was superb!! Micah has definitely earned the COOK OF THE MONTH AWARD!!!!

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