Monday, June 2, 2008

A twist on pizza

Here is a new twist for pizza that was a hit at a recent get together.

The base is made from my favorite pizza crust recipe. I then bake the pizza crust for approximately 20 minutes to make sure its good and crisp because it doesn't bake once the ingredients are on it. Then for the "sauce" I mixed cream cheese with fresh dill and spread it all over the cooled crust. The toppings were made from sliced cucumbers, green peppers, yellow peppers, sliced tomatoes and grated carrots. The grated carrot adds the finishing touches as it looks like the cheese on pizza.

This recipe is simple and makes for a light and yummy appetizer that can be taken to any get together. Just like when making pizza let your creativity shine and experiment with different vegetables. I know my mom puts broccoli on her pizza and uses broken cauliflower pieces as the topping to look like mozzarella cheese.

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