Thursday, October 2, 2008

Camping Menu

This was one high class camping trip. When it comes to the menu that is. Now I should let you know that it wasn't just our tiny family of hubby, me and the babe that went camping. This was the annual family camping trip so at most meal times there was 8 adults, 4 children and 1 babe. During the supper meals we had other family members and friends stop by to visit so that bumped our total up to 20-30 each night.

To prepare for camping I made some food to take with us.

First I made pita bread

Granola Bars

Pita Chips
The chips were a bigger hit then I expected. I got the recipe from Company's Coming Mexican cook book.

When the cooking was done and the car was packed we loaded it up and headed off to New River Beach for our annual camping trip

After spending our first night at the camp ground and the kids practiced their hot dog roasting skills they wanted to roast there breakfast sausages as well. It took a lot longer to cook these things over the fire but it kept them occupied while the pancakes, home fries, bacon and other sausages were being prepared.

One of our favorite camping meals is Hodge podge. Its a mixture of lots of fresh vegetables from the garden smothered in butter and soaked in cream!

This meal was accompanied by the most delicious sausages you have ever tasted (please note that I rarely eat sausage and don't recommended eating these in high quantity...hehehe). These wonderful pieces of meat came to use from the Market in Quebec City and were brought to us by hubby's brother and his wife.

What makes them so delicious is that they are all different flavors; that is also why we cut them into small chucks like that so everyone can get to taste them. Some of the flavors here were curry, lamb and mint, the pink looking ones are blueberry, orange ginger...that's all the flavors I remember (Peterson family you can help me out if you remember the other flavors).

And of course what would this meal be with on fresh corn on the cob!

This cool Coleman BBQ/Grill things were great to have with us. The made wonderful burgers and nice golden brown pancakes.

Other foods we enjoyed can not be shared because they were eaten once the kids were in bed...ok since they can't read yet and probably are interested in their aunts kitchen story's I will let you in on our camping secret. We had chocolate fondue. We milked down our Swiss chocolate in a pot then placed it in the founde pot. We sat around the pinic table enjoying many different fruits and of course marshmellows dipped in this delighful chocolatly goodness.

Our last morning there my mother in law whipped up this special treat for us. She had brought some brie cheese. Sliced it in half and filled one with peach jam and the other with raspberry jam. Then they were wrapped in tin foil and place over the fire for a short minute or two to melt. When they were done we enjoy french bread dipped in this delicious melting cheese!

After this years camping trip I don't know what the menu will be like...I think we over did it this time. I think as the kids start getting a little bit older we might be going back to KD, beans and weiners!!


Stam House said...

all sound so yummy!!!! but your right sometimes shortcut help to pack lighter

Geniève said...

my goodness... very gourmet. Everything looks so good :)

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