Friday, October 3, 2008

Frugal Fall Decorations

I think that fall is becoming one of my favorite seasons. The colors are gorgeous and I just love seeing the neighbors door steps and front lawns filled with pumpkins, hay barrels, mums and of course gourds.

Every thanksgiving my hubby's aunt and her daughters usually do the decorating for our family feast. They are so creative, so I can't take any credit for these candle holders, I was inspired by them. While out the other day at the apple orchard I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick up some gourds (3 for $1) to decorate my house with. I tried to get gourds that would stand up on their own so they wouldn't tip over, something you probably don't want to happen with a candle holder. Next I washed them up and then traced out a line where the tea light would go. Then I cut around the circle and scooped a little bit out until the candle fit in. Then I sprayed them with sealer, let them dry and now they are placed inside and outside of my house.

These two gourds sit on my fire place mantle

And these ones rotate between the supper table

and the front steps


Nicole said...

I should have picked some up when I was there. Beautiful and you are right fall is wonderful. I love Fundy this time of year.

N and N said...

I love these and was planning on making some as soon as I find some gourds, what is the sealer that you used?

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