Wednesday, November 5, 2008

50 lbs of squash

This is an annual harvest time routine. Because we love squash this is the best time of year to get it and of course in bulk means even more savings. This bag cost us $16.99 at a local store that's 0.34 cents a pound!

Hubby and I have been doing this for a couple of years now so we got the hang of it down pretty good. It was such a blessing this year to have two extra sets of hands around to help out. First what we do is cut the squash in half, then the half's in half, and finally the quarters into 3rds. Did you follow all that! hahah

"Where are you Genieve??"

So what we are left with is a lot of little sections of squash. This makes it easy to scoop out the middle. That way we can hold the piece like a pistol when we are peeling it.

After the squash is peeled we chop it into chunks and place it into freezer bags. Then hubby takes this neon green straw that we have and sucks the air out of the baggies.

The assistant then uses a tie to seal the bags! When we have all the bags sealed they are taken down to the deep freeze to be stored until we need them. This is no easy job to do. Its one that makes your hands sore, tried and orange. But we did have fun...Right guys??

You just got to think of how pleasant the squash will be when you are enjoying it out of season. I will enjoy it even more when I know I only paid 34 cents/ pound!


Stam House said...

Mmmm I love squash!!! they are so yummy!!!!

Nancy said...

I love squash. So you freeze it w/out cooking, right? I've never known you could do that with squash. I may have to scout a bargain bag of it and give it a try at home.

Geniève said...

Oh yes, we had fun with that squash :-p All that hard work will be well worth it :)

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