Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going green in style!

I think a couple of weeks ago I posted all about these wonderful reusable bags that I had made out of T-shirts I had laying around. Well I just wanted to let all you readers know that they have been wonderful. Many people comment when I walk into the store with my "ZOOM" bag hanging over the shoulder. Also many cashiers take notice when you are using them at the grocery store. For all my Canadian readers if you have a PC master card you receive 50 PC points for every green bag you use and they count these. What a fashionable way to "go green".

For all you readers who didn't get the chance to read about my adventures in T-Shirt bag making check it.

My sewing adventures are getting fun; sorry I haven't been posting much. I am working on some new projects. I will tell you all about my Baby John's that I am making and selling also I have been working on my Christmas goody list and doing up some post of frugal Christmas decorations. Please be patient and keep watching for these exciting things. Also due to the many things I have on the go Question Tuesday will resume in the new year!!

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