Sunday, November 9, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

Last weeks menu went very well. The new recipe from last week was winter vegetable casserole. I found this recipe in a vegetarian cook book that hubby gave me years ago. The winter vegetables I choose (because they were on hand) was potato, squash, and carrots. The recipe called for pumpkin and turnip but I didn't have these. You parboil the peeled and chucked vegetables for ~8 minutes; while they are cookin you mix up a batch of basic white sauce when the sauce starts getting thick you add nutmeg. Dump the sauce over the vegetables and top with crushed bread crumbs mixed with walnuts or pecans. Since I have a large box of bran flakes I used them instead. OH this tasted very yummy.

Also another recipe I tried just last night was home made donair sauce. I got the recipe from Niki; but when it wasn't getting fluffy I started searching the net quickly to find some tips. Here are some recipes and tips that I found for next time. I learned that the less you stir the better (I over beat mine) because it comes out thicker.

Oh and one last thing about last week. I used my slow cooker to make beef stew and it turned out delicious!!!

What's cookin in the kitchen

Sunday: Left over pizza, garlic fingers and donair sauce

Monday: Veggie Pot pie

Tuesday: Sweet and Sour sausages, rice and frozen veggies

Wednesday: Supper in the car

Thursday: Crock pot Chicken and Quino

Friday: Pizza Braid with carrot sticks

Saturday: ?? Leftovers ??

For more meal plans head on over to organized junkie


Rona's Home Page said...

Quino - is that a grain or pasta.

N and N said...

I had to make donair sauce when we moved out here, it is an east coast thing apparently and i can't have garlic fingers without, yummy!

kristy said...

What's "Supper is the Car?" and do you have a recipe?

Minimalist Mommy said...

I found out about over beating as well. I cannot find the original link to that recipe but they did mention that. There were two recipes right? one with milk and the other with cond. milk. I use the first as I don't use condensed milk too much.

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