Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

Although the calendar is reading November the weather here has been so rainy and mild. The crock pot has been out on the counter as least once a week. I just love how I can throw it all in the pot, leave it, the house smells beautiful and we can enjoy a delicious meal as soon as hubby walks in through the door.

This weeks crock pot creation didn't turn out as I had hoped. I followed the recipe for crock pot chicken and Quino, it turned out sooooo mushy!!! I have never cooked with Quino so I am not sure what it was suppose to turn out like but I am telling you it was like pure mush. If any of you have experience cooking with this grain please help me out!

The new recipe I tried this week was such a hit!!!! This veggie pot pie was the most delicious thing I have tasted.

The best part of this recipe (besides the herb combination being delightful) was the sweet potato topping! Oh how yummy this was. When mixing the topping it was kind of a sticky dough so I just placed it on top of the pie and spread it out (to the best of my ability) over the top.

This is the scrumptious end product. After supper it was rated and place on the Peterson Favorite's. I gave it 5 stars and hubby gave it 4; it would have been a 5 if there was meat in it.

What's cookin in the kitchen this week:

Sunday: who knows...

Monday: Shepard's pie and salad

Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday: Something fast in the car

Thursday: Shake and bake pork chops and Twice baked Tex Mex potatoes

Friday: Crock pot pizza

Saturday: Family is visiting!!! Spaghetti and garlic bread.

Head on over to Laura's site to see what others are cookin up this weekend.


Minimalist Mommy said...

hey, too bad about the quinoa. Mine wasn't really mushy but you really have to watch it in the crockpot. I have never left it for the day, I am always around checking on it.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Sounds like another yummy week! That veggie pot pie sounds (and looks) terrific, thanks for the link!

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