Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monday Meal Plan

Another Monday is here and WOW is it getting colder out side. NO more joking around we are officially in soup, stew, roast and crock pot mode.

Last weeks meal plan went well. We started the week off with a birthday party for our friend Weiwei. I decided to make spaghetti for this occasion.

The one thing I haven't conquered yet is portions for pasta. I ended up cooking so much pasta that our meal plan last week was all centered around spaghetti. Hubby had it every day for lunch and we had spaghetti pizza twice for supper.

The new recipe for the week was Mexican Chicken Soup.

After a few adjustments (like using taco beef instead of chicken and hot salsa when I thought it was mild) it was a great tasting chip dip! hehehe it was way to spicy to eat as soup so we got out the bag to taco chips and used it as a chip dip. Needless to say we have lots of 1 cup portions frozen in the freezer. I will try the recipe again following it to a tea!

This weeks menu

Sunday: Pot luck (bringing baked beans, squash bars and homemade bread)

Monday: Pork chops and winter vegetable bake

Tuesday: Mexican Rice with taco chips

Wednesday: Eat on the run. Left over Mexican Rice

Thursday: Wheat berry soup with Jiffy Biscuits

Friday: Sausages, Mashed potatoes, Squash, fiddle heads

Saturday: Whatever we can find.

For more great meal ideas check out organized junkie

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Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

It is definitely soup and stew time here too, can't wait to try your wheatberry soup, thanks for the recipe!

Have a great week,

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