Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Muffin Magic

I have heard a lot of talk on how great silicone cook wear is for a while now. However whenever I would look at it in the stores it was so expensive I just couldn't justify using it without knowing anyone who really LOVED using it. Well my mind was changed when my friend Niki posted about her experience using ones she had picked up from our local dollar store.

Immediately I needed to get to the dollar store to pick some of these up and try them for my self. I am pretty sure it was probably the next day that I ran out to get some to see for myself if they really worked. I mean for $3.00 I picked up 18 cups. Some stores wanted $8.00 for 6 cups!!!! The next morning (after washing them) I whipped up a batch of my favorite Honey Bran Muffins, lined the tines, scooped in the dough and waited 20 minutes to see how well they worked.

So here are my conclusions:

1. The lining peels off like nothing even when they are hot.

2. Half the muffin isn't left on the lining
3. The muffins are a perfect shape (not like that matters to little ones but to some of us it does)
4. Best of all the pan is soooooo clean!!!! I didn't take a picture because I figured some people may not believe me, may have thought I just took a picture of my clean muffin tin... heheh. For this one you will have to find out yourself.

Also some may be wondering if this is safe to use. If you click on Niki's link there is an article in her post about the safety of using silicone to bake with.

Since I have picked this little guys up we have had a fresh batch of muffins every week. With the no hassle clean up...its a great way to start my day!!!

Head on over to rocks in my dryer to see whats working for other people


Leanne said...

I'm keeping an eye out for the muffin liners. I picked up a teddy and a butterfly shaped cake pan for £0.79 each a few weeks ago and we've used them a handful of times.

They're great and it saves me trying to scrub shortening out from under my nails if I had to grease the pan.

~Deidra~ said...

Thanks for this post. Finding a way to bake muffins that do not stick has been frustrating for me. I will start looking a the dollar stores from these little cups.

Stam House said...

Mmmm they look good Kate!!!! The Dutch baker (AKA Papa) use some in is bakery too but way bigger!!!! and he approve of them too!

Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

ok, I'll be checking my dollar store soon!

KrustyTheCat said...

Wow, those look awesome! I made muffins yesterday with regular paper liners and they came apart, lol. I'll have to keep an eye out for these, thanks for the tip!

Minimalist Mommy said...

aren't they the greatest. I love mine and have to remember to get didn't buy the last of them did you? grrrr.. just joking.

Stephen & Maria Weyman said...

Many people I talk to are skeptical when purchasing things from the dollar store. I think it has been "quote" proven "unquote" (if that means anything) that silicone is safe for baking ... however things at the dollar store are most likely made at the cheapest and poorly controlled/run factories in China. If health safety is your top concern then buying these from a more reputable source might not be a bad idea and then hope they didn't get them from the same factory in China :(

That being said ... I will probably being buying some of these from my wife because I usually lose 1/4 of her muffins to the paper. Who wants to eat paper ... yuck! We had previously talked about it ... but now that I know they can be had at the dollar store I'm game!

Let me know if any of you start developing strange diseases after using these things. :D


~M said...

Just please make sure that the silicone is food grade silicone.

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