Thursday, November 27, 2008

A wonderful cookie

So last weekend my wonderful sister in law and her family where suppose to be coming up for a visit. She is an independent Norwex Consultant so she was going to be hosting a party here at my house. Along with hosting a party comes the responsibility of being a great host (duah) so I decided to try to make a new kind of cookie. I had had these cookies many times before at our weekly bible study and was just reminded of the delicious taste again just weeks ago. After doing whatever good cook does (search the internet for a recipe) I had found the cookie I was looking for. I usually don't like to try new recipes on guest; ok who am I trying to fool....I am known for that even though hubby doesn't like it that much. I tried them out. OH the cookie was just what I was looking for mixed between a sugar and short bread cookie with the seculant taste of nutmeg.

The recipe (and the picture) comes from Taste of Home and to yours and my surprise I followed it. The only thing I did different was I sprinkled a course cane sugar on the tops and only baked for ~ 9 minutes to get a nice soft cookie. These were delicious and unfortenualty the party was postponded due to the big snow storm we got.

The other bad thing was we ate the whole batch of cookies Saturday night while some friends were over. So much for self control!

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