Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Hey readers. You are in for a treat today as I share some of my simple yet frugal Christmas decoration ideas. If you didn't get to read my decoration post from last Christmas jump on over here to check out my cinnamon ornaments, dried fruit and reused light bulb decorations.

This year I added a few more craft projects to my list of decorations.

This large candy mint wreath turned out very well and is now placed on my bathroom door. It was easy to do and was made for $2 (cost of mints). I actually cut a wreath shape out from a diaper box we had laying around the house. Then using your hot glue gun you glue 2 rows of green mints and then glue the red mints to over lap the green ones. Add some curly ribbon and a ribbon to the top to hang it from.

With the left over mints I did two mini wreaths, one red and one green, to hold up our Christmas card close line. OH to get the cardboard green I just used a crayon and colored it.

The one thing I love about decorating is that you can use what you have around your house to make it more festive. We have 2 shelf's that sit in the bathroom corner. So to decorate them I filled up some vases that I have with shinny beads that I picked up at the thrift store ($2 for a large bag of them) and placed some plastic ornaments on the top of them.

I did the same with this one, which is also in the bathroom.

Excuse this next photo the mantle isn't finished being decorated yet as I am still on the search for some greenery for it. But I just wanted to show these glasses that I filled with beads and placed some gold bells on the top. Also you can see my hanging dried fruit and cinnamon ornaments.

This was my last craft project for this Christmas. Its our homemade advent wreath. I really wanted to do this one but instead it turned out like this. I used a wreath that my friend Niki gave me and placed some glass candle holders around it. Then in the center I put a white glass candle inside a larger candle holder that has big beads in it. Each week we light a new candle. They are suppose to be purple and pink but I thought that as long as I had 3 candle holders the same and one different it would be ok.

For more frugal ideas and lots about Christmas check out Biblical Womanhood


HeartofWisdom said...

Cute peppermint rings. Thanks for sharing.

Libby said...

You've got to love a frugal Christmas. I think it helps keep our thoughts on the heart of the season. I really like those wreaths!

Zoe said...

Thanks very much for the Spiced Applesauce Ornaments recipe. I just made a batch and they are lovely.

Shirley said...

Thanks for frugal Christmas decoration ideas.

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