Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is this week!!!

I just can not believe that Christmas is here again for another year. Last year at this time I was very preggo and over due just praying for the babe to come out!! Of course he wanted to give Christmas an extra special meaning and decided to make his appearance Christmas morning when everyone else was opening presents. So now Christmas time every year will be a little bit different!!

This past weekend we gathered with hubby's family for our annual gift exchange. This is always a great time together sitting around opening the presents we bought for one another, sipping cider and stuffing our guts with so much food. Its the one time of year that we all splurge on expensive and very delicious cheeses!! I don't know if I am ready to cook after a weekend like that but the family must be feed.

Here's whats cookin in the kitchen Christmas week!!!

Monday: Sweater Party at the Peterson's. Its a pot luck so our lucky dish will be Mexican Mesegna and I might through together this delicious pot luck chip dip.

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Mom and Dad will be coming up and we have been invited out for Jigs dinner (its a Newfoundland thing). I think that after the church service we will come home and enjoy my moms famous taco dip, cheese, crackers and a BBQ meat pie!

Thursday: Turkey Dinner, although I do like Niki's idea of have a big breakfast and then Turkey boxing day but I will have to convince hubby of that one. Maybe next year.

Garlic Mashed potatoes
fiddle heads
sweet potatoes
Cranberry sauce (homemade)
and don't forget we drown everything in GRAVY!!

What Christmas supper for us with out Pumpkin Pie!!! Cold pumpkin pie. We aren't ones for hot pumpkin pie, the one year we did try to serve it hot half a piece ended up in grams tea.

Friday: After breakfast we are heading away for the weekend. To enjoy another Turkey Supper on Saturday.

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