Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Using up turkey dinner

I am sure many of you are facing the same trouble of having a fridge full of turkey dinner. We don't just have turkey left overs but we had lots of every thing left over from our Christmas feast. So this weeks meal planning as been centered all around how to get rid of these wonderful foods.
We love making Chicken Enchiladas so with turkey leftovers I knew these would taste just as good using turkey. Even with being filled with all this turkey my creative meal idea juices are still flowing. Seeings how we can't fit anything in our fridge because its stuff with containers of leftovers I dug out the cranberry jelly, stuffing and turkey to try a new Enchilada recipe. Usually we stuff the tortilla with turkey, cheese, black beans, corn and sour cream but this time I decided to spread the tortilla with cranberry jelly, stuffing and turkey. WOW!!! They were a hit and a recipe that I will make after every turkey dinner!!!

Here is the some what of the recipe

Turkey dinner Enchiladas

cranberry jelly
cream of mushroom soup
curry powder
salt & pepper
chicken OXO
Basic white sauce

1. Cut and fry up onions and garlic (I used a small frying pan)

2. In a large frying pan I made basic white sauce.
2 Tbsp margarine
2 Tbsp flour
1 cup of milk
Stir or whisk together until thickens. Add Chicken OXO, curry powder, any spices you like

3. Add cream of mushroom soup and fill the can up with milk. Stir and let simmer. Add any spices you like until it taste the way you like. Add fried onions and garlic.
You don't have to make the basic white sauce but hubby loves to have sauce to add to his other foods so I try to make sure there is lots of it.

4. Pour a little bit of the sauce into a 9*13 baking dish.

5. On a tortilla spread cranberry jelly and top with stuffing and turkey. Roll up and place steam side down.

6. When pan is full pour a little bit of the sauce over the enchiladas. Make sure that the sauce gets in between each enchilada, if it doesn't they will stick together. Pour the rest of the sauce over the dish and top with cheese.
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

~ To get rid of the rest of the turkey dinner sever the enchiladas with mashed potatoes, squash, and any other leftovers you have from our turkey feast.

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